Medical Gowns

Gown Spec:

  • 1. Liquid Barrier Performance

  • 2. AAMI PB70:2012

**We make no product warranty or fitness for a particular purpose or reuse. User must undertake its own testing and evaluation to determine if the product is suitable for your own application. User to make your own determination whether to discard after usage or disinfect and reuse after each usage.

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Gown Types

  • Medical Gowns

  • Surgical Gowns

  • Protective Gowns

  • Isolation Gowns

  • Disposable Gowns


What is AAMI?

AAMI refers to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation. AAMI is an international standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards for the medical device industry.

What is the purpose of an isolation gown?

A medical gown is intended to protect healthcare personnel and patients from the transfer of micro-organisms and particulate material.

Is the fit of an isolation gown important?

Yes, the fit of a medical gown is very important. If a medical gown does not fit properly, it can be hazardous for various reasons:

  • If the isolation gown is too large; it can cause a tripping hazard for the user.

  • If there is excess exposed skin around the neck opening of the isolation gown, it is likely too large.

  • If a gown is too small for the user, they will not be properly protected. A gown that is too tight inhibits the user from moving freely, as well as presents risks of ripping through the gown and being exposed to harmful contaminants.

What are critical zones?

Critical zones are the areas of the gown that are expected to come into contact with fluid. For example: a surgical gown’s minimum critical zone includes the front of the gown (chest to knees) and sleeves. Conversely for an isolation gown, the critical zone is the entirety of the gown minus the cuffs, hems and bindings. AAMI rated isolation gowns are tested to the applicable standards on the material, at the seams, and on the belt attachment location. This ensures that the entire gown passes the AAMI standards.

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