Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Spec:

Hand sanitizer is a product that is used to remove germs from the skin surface on the hands. Although many formulas vary, this is typically done with a variety of antibacterial ingredients, substances that kill off bacteria, viruses and other microbes. This is helpful in preventing the germs from entering your body’s surface through your eyes, mouth or nose or surfaces that you touch with your hands.

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Hand Sanitizer Types

To increase the convenience of using hand sanitizer, you can use many different types of hand sanitizers like sprays or squeeze bottles or bottles w/ pumps. This will allows you to quickly apply the hand sanitizer while on the go. These products typically have formulas similar to liquid alcohol-based hand sanitizers to remove germs from the skin surface on your hands.

  • (2) fl oz + (4) fl oz + (8) fl oz + (16) fl oz Bottles

  • Bottles with Pumps

  • (1) gal/3.78L & (5)gal pail/18.92L

  • Liquid + Foam + Gel Sanitizer

  • Totes (250)gal


Is hand sanitizer effective against COVID-19?

The best way to prevent the spread of infections and decrease the risk of getting sick is by washing your hands with plain soap and water, advises the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If soap and water are not available, CDC recommends consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Is the FDA taking measures to increase the supply of hand sanitizers?

Yes. FDA has recently developed multiple guidance documents for the temporary preparation of hand sanitizers by pharmacies and other companies during the public health emergency posed by COVID-19.

Where should hand sanitizer be stored?

Hand sanitizer should be stored out of reach, and sight, of children. It should not be stored above 105°F (for example, it should not be stored in a car during the summer months).

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